513 Entertainment is proud to offer booking services for the bands:

(select bands have highlight reels on individual pages)

  1. Solo, Duo and Trio Performers

      Full Bands – all Genres

2 thoughts on “BAND VIDEO LINKS

  1. Hello Joann, Deb and Char… was great to meet you Saturday night at PC Pub, and would love to continue to speak together about future potential in entertainment. My cell number again is 267-372-4765. At the risk of sounding negative, please remember that this past Saturday was not what we normally sound like… nor does PC Pub have to scramble like that for sound control. They are a premier club and we love to play there on rotation. We are playing there again July 22 and October 28 for our big Halloween Bash (props, etc.). This coming Saturday 4/29 we play at Rock-N-Rebel, and Saturday May 6 we play Revolutions of Saucon Valley. Hope you have a great week!


    1. Jim my apologies. Just saw this comment. I totally understand and appreciate you following up with me. Sound can make all the difference. I hope to work with you soon. I tried to get by bands in the PC Pub but have not heard back from the owner.


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